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Kirby - Plushy Bluetooth Speaker (Super Rare)

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Product Description

Size: H22cm

Brand: Kirby, Nintendo Japan

Manufacturer: SK JAPAN

If you collect Kirby plushies, you need to add a plushy speaker to your collection! Kirby, super cute as always, is finally here in speaker form to sweeten your heart!

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring that Kirby delivers quality music and sound!

Requires 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included unless specified).

♡⸝⸝ Official item, imported from Japan.

♡⸝⸝ If you want to ask anything about this item, feel free to message us ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡ or DM on˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Instagram:@kawarii_store

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